Sunday, April 11, 2010

I have moved !

Dear readers,

Just so you know, I have since moved to a new blog due to some unforseen circumstances & mainly the inability to correct the error in my blog layout/settings. It is rather obvious that all my widgets that were previously at the right hand side have gone haywired & are all now at the bottom.

Trust me, I have consulted many ppl and tried to fix the error but it's all done in vain. I guess it's time to move on after 3 & a half  years writting over here.

Please relink me & drop me a message @ my c-box for me to link you guys.

Thanks, & looking forward to a whole new blogging experience on the other side :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Montee is not BLONDE...

...she's just GONE ALL WRONG!
Montee, I know you've had your extreme makeover from the maggi hair to the brown eyes and to the new wardrobe collection just to prove to your dearold-relative dun wana mention names over here & to the rest of the world that you are way better than her in e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g, BUT it doesn't give you the right to be all high & mighty with your airs & graces that you are some new fashion icon okay?

Just so you know readers, Montee the girl from Lameville said this to me jz now;

You are just so BLONDE
minus the Dumb
Denying is the first step to denial
Denying denial is the second step to denial
Denying, denying the denial is the third step to denial

fully supported by her bestie roommate aka Ms. Gstring who further 'advised' me that
Acceptance is the first step to recovery.
you tell me who's acting Blonde now?
fainted* x10,000
What is wrong with you ppl?
I am not sick nor am I acting blonde you
BIG TIME BloNdies!!!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Never given a chance

I woke up this morning
and ..
I thought of you,
It has been a while since I actually had you in my mind
Maybe because I never really took the time to think
But today was different.
Millions of thoughts flooded my mind
The what if's & If only's,
I wondered what would it be like
to have you around all the time,
to tell you everything that is on my mind,
to share my pain & joy,
to indulge in extreme craziness
They said you loved me dearly,
They said you were intelligent,
They said you were hardworking,
and you were a good guy
I'm sure you were.
I know you'd be my strong anchor,
the one who I'd looked up to,
the one who'd be my constant company,
the one who'd always have my back,
my best friend.
I'd walk the miles ahead more confidently with you around.
I guess I hid it all up somewhere deep inside that I lost track of time,
Too afraid to face the reality or maybe, to move on without you.
We missed a lifetime together.
On this day,
You were all I could think of all morning,
Tears rolled down my cheeks uncontrollably
as my heart longed for your company
If only you knew how much I was hurting
then you'll never bear to see me shed another tear.
When I see you again,
I wonder if we'd be tongue tied,
or you'd be the one to make the first move.
I'm anticipating the day,
as we have plenty to catch up on each other
to make up for the time we lost.
I guess,
I just miss you.

p/s: I'm not in love.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm feeling homesick

at such a time as this. I'm not too sure what trigured the homesickness though, must be effect of walking under the rain jz now that is making my head throb like crazy & the very fact that I can't scream for attention from my parents at such an ungodly hour right now.

I miss home - terribly.

It must be the fact that I feel so overwhelmed by practically everything. And I thought this short sem would be a fairly relaxing one, but clearly, I was wrong.

It's okay I guess. Being busy is better than having nothing to do. Just wanted to rant over here coz I miss being at home and being stress-free.

I miss home.
I miss my Mommy & Daddy.
I miss my Browie.
I miss my bed.
I miss screaming for attention from my Mommy,.
I miss telling my Daddy almost everything that is going on in my life.
I miss laughing day & night with Browie.
I miss having breakfast, lunch and dinner with my family.
I miss my daddy coming to my room to wake me up in the morning.
I miss my mommy demanding that she gets her long overdued share of hugs.
I miss poking fun @ my browie.
I miss the smell of home.
I miss saying 'Hi' to daddy about 10,000 times a day & he never gets annoyed by it.
I miss home laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh well,

its been a long day of zombie-ing in front of the comp eversince I sent browie to school early this morning till 7pm. Went for dinner with Po, Yin, Dai Yee & browie @ Old Town & even managed to catch the 10.45pm movie with browie jz now.

The Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland is the most gao xiu hilarious character in the entire show.

O yea, I'm still fiddling with my Tamadun Islam assignment but I've already completed 90% of it already. So much for wanting to ironmylifeout today. Had to postpone it to tmrw cause it was the case of massive editting with our secret weapon. hehe

I'm feeling so happy right now. My assignment is too pretty. not a really appropriate word to describe it but it's real nice. I'm very satisfied with it. eeeeeeeeeeeeee

.....That I'm going to complete the other 10% to make it close to perfection :)
Afterall, the night is still young
@ 2.19am